Kelsea Ballerini shines on ‘SNL’ stage: Watch

Kelsea Balleirni reached the penthouse of late-night television this weekend with a debut performance on “Saturday Night Live.”

The country-pop hitmaker performed two songs on the tastemaking sketch comedy show, including a stirring piano-and-vocals rendition of “Penthouse” — a standout number from “Rolling Up The Welcome Mat,” the singer’s surprise post-divorce EP that debuted last month. Ballerini, a 29-year-old Tennessee native, split from ex-husband and fellow singer Morgan Evans last August after a nearly five-year marriage.

Dressed in head-to-toe white, Ballerini belted, “Kissed someone new last night/ But now I don’t know where you’re sleeping, baby/ We got along real nice, until I wanted out, now I know you hate me.”

Earlier in the show, Ballerini performed the pop-soaked “Blindsided,” also from her “Welcome Mat” project.” A six-piece band backed the singer as a silhouetted dancer mirrored her performance behind a blue-and-white screen. During the song, she tossed a little fuel on her post-divorce creative fire by adding a new line that seemingly called out Evans’ new breakup single “Over For You.”

At the end of “Blindsided,” Ballerini sang, “Now you’re singin’ it loud on the radio like you’re the only heart that breaks/ You would’ve searched the whole world over? Yeah, sure, OK.”

On this week’s edition “SNL,” Ballerini joined Kansas City Chiefs tight-end Travis Kelce, who made his hosting debut nearly three weeks after winning his second Super Bowl.

1. “Mountain With a View”

The Lyric: “I’m wearin’ the ring still / But I think I’m lyin’ / Sometimes you forget yours / I think we’re done tryin’ / I realized you loved me much more at 23 / I think this is when it’s over for me.”
The Backstory: Not long after news broke that they were getting divorced, Evans released a song called “Over for You,” in which he describes feeling blindsided by Ballerini’s choice to end the relationship and wonders when she came to that decision. In “Mountain With a View,” Ballerini breaks down exactly how she came to realize that the relationship was over — and spells out an answer to Evans’ question.

2. “Mountain With a View”

The Lyric: “You’ll say I’m crazy for being the one to leave / Scream, I’m just like my parents and givin’ up easy / But you never took that last flight to see me
The Backstory: Ballerini has said that she first discovered songwriting as a kid in order to grapple with the painful experience of watching her parents get divorced. Now, in this line, a childhood trauma that was formative for her comes full circle with her own marital split. Throughout the songs on Rolling Up the Welcome Mat, Ballerini also describes a recurring problem of too little time together in a relationship — and hints that it was her ex that was the one who ultimately stopped making time to be together.

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